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HPV and Cervical Cancer

Close up 3d render of a group of viruses.


A cancer specialist, also called an Oncologist, joined Dr. Simotas on 11/25/2016 on her Radio Show to discuss HPV, cervical cancer, genital warts, pap smears, and vaccinations.

There are many types of HPV. Some types are linked directly with cervical cancer. Others are linked with cancers of the anus or mouth.
A pap smear is recommended for most adult women to test for cervical changes, pre-cancerous cells, and the HPV virus. Patients who have tested positive for cancerous cells are referred to an Oncologist for further testing, counseling and treatment.

If cervical cancer is detected in the early phases, treatment is very successful. However, most women with early forms of cervical cancer have no symptoms. Advanced cervical cancer is more serious and requires extensive treatment. This is why annual screenings are recommended, especially for healthy women who are sexually active.

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