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Autism is a disorder that affects the neurological and developmental growth of children. It can last for a lifetime. Autism is considered a spectrum disorder because there can be mild symptoms, moderate symptoms or severe symptoms. Autism is becoming more common. It is estimated that 1 out of every 68 …

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Breastfeeding is one of the best gifts a mother can give to her child. Breastmilk has special antibodies that pass from the mother to baby which prevent infections and may help protect the baby for years. Breastmilk is much less expensive than formula, is always warm, and is always available …

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Migraine Headaches


Migraine headaches Millions of women deal with migraine headaches on a daily basis. Migraines are different than other types of headaches and can be triggered by stress, certain foods, difficulty sleeping, and hormonal changes. Women develop migraine headaches much more often than men. Migraine headaches reoccur and the attacks can …

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Her Sex, Her Health Radio Show updates


My radio show, “Her Sex, Her Health”, has thousands of loyal listeners throughout the Houston area. We are now publishing the podcasts on iTunes so that entire world can listen to our doctors as they answer real questions from listeners on the air. Subscribe to our RSS feed on iTunes to listen …

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Dying for a drink: Children forced to drink contaminated water


Every year millions of children die by drinking contaminated water.  Something most of us take for granted, water, the most basic need of all living organisms, is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by millions of the world’s most vulnerable people,  children. Around 1.1 billion people globally do not …

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Irregular periods: Sign of a more serious problem?


The menstrual cycle is just a part of women’s lives. Some women’s periods are as regular as clockwork, but other women have very irregular periods. There are many things that can cause irregular periods, but some are more serious than others. Here are some common causes of irregular periods and …

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Facebook: The new singles bar?


Details continue to emerge in the highly publicized hoax involving Notre Dame’s star linebacker Manti Te’o, whose deceased girlfriend Lennay Kekua, was discovered to have never existed. As that drama continues to unfold, there are some valuable lessons we can all learn from the duped player’s experience. Social Media sites like Facebook, …

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College proves a crucial time for women to avoid cigarettes


College is a time when young adults begin to unlearn preventative behaviors learned during youth as they are able to experiment with risky behavior and new levels of freedom. A majority of lifelong smokers form their habits before the age of 24, which makes college years the deadline for tobacco …

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